Saturday, November 19, 2016

** BLURT **

** This is my honest opinion of this product. I received a complimentary copy in return of my honest opinion.**

This is a great game for your family.  It is not just fun it is educational too.  You will be having fun with your children and teaching them at the same time.  

The Blurt Board Game is a great game to use in Speech Therapy. I sometimes play the complete game but often just use the playing cards for some quick fire vocabulary practice.  In this game, players are rewarded for quick vocabulary recall. One player reads out a word definition and other players must shout out the word that is being described.  The game contains a game board, a die, six game tokens and 300 cards with over 1000 clues. It is the cleverly thought out clues targeting various skill levels that make it fun for different level players to play together. Included in the game is also a junior version, which is modified to suit kids ages seven to nine.  Older or more skilled children can also take advantage of the advanced play options the game offers, -much like levels in a video game when you elevate the challenge you increase the fun.  In this game, players take turns drawing cards. Rolling the die determines what clues should be read. If you roll a one or a two, read the first clue. If you roll a three or a four, you’ll need to read the second clue and so on. Whoever is the first to call out the correct answer advances on the game board. The first player who goes the distance on the game board and back to the starting point wins!

Does your family love playing games?
Do you like games that teache's at the same time?
Do you have a family game night?
If you answered yes to one of the questions then you need this game.
Grab it right HERE and start having fun!