Monday, December 19, 2016

*** KRYSTALS ***

(I received the prize package for free in return of my honest opinion of it. This review is in my own words and own opinion of everything.)


Have you ever heard of Krystal's?  If not, don't worry about it I will tell you all about it.  The Krystal story starts with two men, one store, and a mission—to bring folks in the South the best little burger they’d ever tasted. A lot of things have changed since we opened over 81 years ago (making us America’s second-oldest fast-food restaurant), but deep down that’s still what we’re doing today.


It was on October 24, 1932, when the nation’s first Krystal restaurant opened its doors on the corner of Seventh and Cherry Streets in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee amid the harsh financial times of the Great Depression. Its founders, Rody Davenport Jr. and J. Glenn Sherrill, believed that despite the severe economic upheaval of the times, people would patronize a restaurant that was kept spotlessly clean, provided courteous service and offered a good meal at the lowest possible price. Proving this theory true, the restaurant’s first customer, French Jenkins, ordered six Krystals and a cup of coffee, all for the bargain price of 35 cents.
The restaurant became an overnight success with customers flocking to the small building to savor hot-off-the-grill Krystals and sip freshly brewed coffee from thick china mugs. Those not lucky enough to snag a seat would order sacks full of Krystals to take with them, making Krystal a pioneer in the business of good food “to go.”
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Prize Package

This is the prize pack that they had sent to me so I was able to review these great products I received.  The baking pan is an 11 x 13 and is non-stick.  These are the best baking pans ever, right?  The other really cute thing in this package is the little hamburger salt and pepper shakers.  These would be a great conversation starter at a lunch.  The next thing is the seasoning that they actually use in their restaurant.  To tell you the truth I actually used it on my chicken tonight for supper.  I have to say that it gave my chicken a pretty great taste.  This seasoning will be used a lot in my house.  Now for the next fun thing that is included is a chef's hat and a black apron.  The chef's hat is red and the apron is just like the ones they wear at the restaurant.  The children will love this.  That way they will be able to be part of the suppertime meal.

Now I want to tell you about this great coupon that they include in it.  It is a great coupon for a steamer pack of 24 burgers.  Come on you can't get anything better.



Krystal is always great, but these deals make it even better. Check below for ways to fill up on all your favorite Krystal flavors, without emptying your wallet. But hurry, most of these are only around for a limited time.  Come and check out some of the other great offers, HERE

They really have such an awesome menu on Krystal's.  There is just about anything and everything you are craving for that day.  The prices are great too.  If you are looking for a great fast meal for the family then go to Krystal's you can't beat the price or the deliciousness.  

Now for the last part of this review is going to be telling you to join in on the GIVEAWAY below.  Come and take a chance to win yourself a Prize Package of your own.

Tell me what you would order from Krystal's!

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