Thursday, October 15, 2015

***** ***** specializes in portable furniture for a child's room and any area of the home. Our furniture and accessories are unique, extremely durable, and can all be personalized. Fashion any of our wood-framed furniture and plush pillows with our wide variety of colors, fabrics, and embroidered designs. For a more transportable chair that your toddler can tote from room to room, choose from our Little Reader foam chairs that are covered in premium micro-suede in bright color options. Also, check out our Clocks and Table accents! 

Any child would love to bring the fun of Halloween to mealtime! This placemat features a fun colorful Halloween night scene, with your child's name right below a smiling pumpkin! Includes: 12" x 18" laminated placemat which is made to order.

Personalized Placemats are made with a heavy clear laminate and have rounded corners. They are made to withstand kid's messy eating habits and can be cleaned by simply wiping with a damp cloth.Great gifts for upcoming parties and events!

You really should check out this awesome website.  If you are looking for the perfect gift and your able to get this personalized is always a plus.  Come and look around and take advantage of this great offer.

FREE SHIPPING - Free Shipping on all orders- now through 12/31! @usfg

Well you look around the site and I will be back to post my thoughts on the product that I will be getting.  Come back and check it out again.