Tuesday, November 17, 2015

*** Better Tweez ***

Introducing you to:

*** Better Tweez ***

We all could use tweezers, so why not have the best pair.  I know some of you are probably saying, "tweezers are tweezers".  Now I am going to be the one to tell you, al tweezers are not the same.  Yes there are some better than others.

These tweezers are Hot Pink and come with this tube case that you can store them in.  These are the perfect size to just keep in your side pocket of your purse or backpack.  These are very durable and very easy to handle.  The enamel that is on the tweezers is a non slip enamel.  You will never lose that grip when using.

What I Like About the Product:

  • Remove unwanted, fine or ingrown hairs first time every time with perfectly aligned non-pinch hand filed tips .
  • Create perfectly shaped eyebrows suited to your face shape. See the photo guide.
  • Pain-free hair removal-no breaking at the root. Non slip. Lightweight & easy to hold. Silicone cap protects the tweezers tips from damage.

So the last thing I would like to say about these tweezers are these are the best tweezers out there.  You will be able to get a sliver out in a few seconds with these.  Trust me I am a big one with tweezers and these go everywhere with me.

Grab yourself some............HERE!