Sunday, December 20, 2015

Newman's Own Snacks!

I have to start out by saying Newman's Own is a great product to have in your kitchen.  as you know or maybe don't they have a great big selection of every type of product you could imagine.  This is a great company and great product.  I was one of the lucky ones that actually had received a box full of all their dessert products to review.  I knew about some of the products, but I never knew they had all these dessert ones though.  My family and I enjoyed testing and trying them out and I will get to those reviews in a few minutes.  First I would like to tell you a bit about the company.

In 1982, Newman’s Own started as a tiny boutique operation – parchment labels on elegant wine bottles that Paul Newman filled with his homemade salad dressing and gave to his neighbors as holiday gifts. He expected train wrecks along the way and, instead, got one astonishment followed by another.

But in these thirty years, Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $450 million to thousands of charities. How to account for this massive success? We haven’t the slightest idea but one thing we do know is we’re not stopping.

Today, Newman’s Own produces over 200 individual products across 20 categories. Always great tasting, always top quality, just the way our founder, Paul Newman, insisted. We’ll always follow his vision for putting quality first.

So that is a tiny bit about the company.  If you would like to read up more on them just click here.

This was the box when I received it.Really Full!

A you can see that my box came full of goodies.  Yes they were all goodies in that box.  My family was in heaven when they saw this.  So we all had to pick and chose what ones to try and talk about.  That went very well and here I am to let you know about some of the ones in my box.  If I did each one separate this would be five pages long. Lol

I want to start off with the cookies that they have.   The Fig Newman's as pictured above are strawberry.  These are fat free and you would not even know it.  They are very soft and very tasty.  There are four different types of Fig Newman's you can chose from.  They also have nineteen different cookies all together.  Now here are some of the other ones we got to try.  We had, original hermits, chocolate alphabet cookies, chocolate chip and the Original Newman-O's.  All of the ones we received and tried we loved them all.  These are very great, tasty cookies.

Thee Licorice Twists are Pomegranate Licorice Twists.  I love licorice of all kind, but I never ever seen this flavor before.  So I was the one to test this one out.  It is the same texture as the other Licorices out there.  The flavor of this one is absolutely awesome.  Well that is my opinion though.  They have so many different kinds of candy, which is amazing.  It is that amazing to me because I never knew they made candy.  They have seven different kinds of Licorice flavors and some are sour flavors.

 Now I want to move on to everyone's favorite "Chocolate."  I know almost every person out there loves a piece of Chocolate from time to time.  I know cause I do love chocolate but only when I am craving it.  So I am not the one that would eat it everyday.  Now my husband, Hector he loves his sweets, which is everything chocolate and a few of my children love chocolate all the time.

Now that chocolate candy bar was my husband's to test out.  It was the dark chocolate one, which was a good one for him.  He said, " he had never tried any candy bars from this company and he said it was very tasty chocolate."  o I take it that it has a pleasant chocolate taste and very rich.  I had tried half of the other candy bar which was milk chocolate and I liked it.  This chocolate tastes different than any other candy bar.  I really can't pinpoint what it is, but it is seriously much better than any other brand.

Now these Peanut Butter Cups are very tasty.  Thee are thinner than the other brands, but I like that better.  That is just my opinion.  They are easier to eat and you get a bursting flavor of peanut butter when you bite into it.  They have ten different kinds of chocolate you are able to taste.

This is the bag of pretzels I received and they are great.  They are crunchy and very lightly salted.  In which I like it that way.  They have many different types of snacks also.  The best part is that they are all organic.  My family loves them.

They also carry raisins, dried fruit and popcorn.  We had received raisins and popcorn and they were also very good.  You will need to try them and make your own opinion of them.  I know you will all love them like my family does.  We had a ball tasting all these wonderful products from Newman's Own.

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