Tuesday, December 15, 2015


If you are a cat person then this is for your cats.  They will love you for it.  I have 4 awesome cats and 7 new kittens.  I know you must be saying "WOW", don't worry I say that every day to myself.  I do love them all, but I will not be able to keep them all.  My 4 adult cats like sitting up high for two different reasons.  The first reason is I think that it is a cat thing to sit up high.  That way they can look down on the situation.  Now for the other reason is because my big dog is always teasing and bugging them.

I would of loved to get them the big floor climbing stand for them, but I really don't have all that extra space for a huge floor stand.  I came across this Sky Climber and it looked pretty cool.  I was right it is really nice and my cats love it and no space issues on the floor.  It i very easy to put together and hang on the wall.  I do have to say that this Sky Climber is very sturdy on my wall.  I am not afraid that it is going to fall down and hurt my cat.  I have it place in our spare room that I have my desk in.  It is right by the window, so I figured they can sit there and look out the window or get some air when the window is open.  Well I picked the right spot.

The Awesome Features and Benefits:

  • Provides “Vertical Territory”, Essential For The Well-Being & Happiness Of Indoor Cats
  • Durable Sisal Inspires Scratching
  • Elevated Platform Promotes Healthy Jumping & Stretching
  • Attaches Quickly & Securely At Any Level That Suits Your Cat’s Leaping Ability

As I said I have 4 cats and didn't really think it over that good.  I need to get three more of these Sky Climbers.  That way they each can have one and it is well worth it.  My Siamese cat, Sammie really loves it.  He always is chilling on it.  Let me tell you , Sammie don't like to share that is why I need a few more.  The other cats of mine try to sit up there and they do once in awhile.  

This is the box that your Sky Climber comes in.   Like I said you will need to put it together and everything is included in this box.  It is very easy to do and there are directions in the box, if needed.  You will notice the quality of this product when you are putting it together.  It really is great quality and very sturdy when together.  Your cat will not make it fall off the wall, if you put it together right.

This is my Sky Climber.  Like I said it is on my wall very sturdy and I placed near the window.  That is just my preference.  You are able to put it anyway in your home.  It is this big and bulky climber, so it actually can anywhere you would like it.

So I just want to ask you a question.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your kitty one right HERE!