Friday, December 18, 2015

Slicker Dog Grooming With Free Flea Comb And Bag

Product Description:
Helps Reduce Shedding And Remove Dead Hair - Our slicker brush is designed to help reduce shedding by gentle removing the hidden dead hairs under your dog's coat that otherwise fall off one by one and end up all other your home, furniture, and clothing.

•Eliminates Uncomfortable Matting And Tangles - De-knotting, removing matting and brushing away tangles has never been easier. Simply hold matted fur between your fingers and gently run the Slicker Brush to remove mats.

•Gently Massages Away Dead Skin Cells - Close metal filaments cut through your dog's coat and allow you to remove uncomfortable dead skin cells, improving skin condition and encouraging healthy fur growth.

•Gives Coat A Fuller Appearance - Slicker Brush designed to help stimulate the release of beneficial sebum oil. As you pas the brush over the coat, hair follicles release sebum oil that lubricates and protects hair shafts, resulting in a fuller and healthier coat.

•Includes FREE Flea Comb And Store-Away Bag - Every Slicker Brush includes an essential dog brush for grooming-a FREE flea comb-and a convenient store-away bag that keeps your brushes clean and organized.

The Slicker Brush: A Grooming Essential Your Dog Will Love Pets will shed. Always. And as long as you'd like your dog to enjoy the indoors with you, you'll need a way to reduce, control, and (practically) eliminate shedding. The Slicker Brush is a grooming essential capable of eliminating nearly 75% of the wayward hairs that fall out all over your furniture, carpet, and clothing. With regular grooming the Slicker Brush will... • Comb Out Dead Hair • Improve Skin Health • Remove Matting And Tangles • And Keep Your Pet Comfortable Each time the close bristles of the Slicker Brush pass through your dog's coat, you make your life easier and improve your dog's coat, and increase bonding and interaction time your pet will love. Helps Reduce Shedding For Short Hair And Curly Breeds Close wire bristles capable of penetrating to the deepest layer of your dog's coat allow you to remove the hidden away dead hairs that fall out all over your clothes, couch, and carpet. The Slicker Brush is ideal for short haired and curly breeds. It is NOT recommended for corded coats (komondor or puli) as the bristles are too close together to be effective. Proper Brushing With The Slicker Brush Releases Natural Oils And Encourages A Healthy Coat Each time you brush your dog with the Slicker Brush, her hair follicles will release sebum, oil from the sebaceous gland inside of the hair follicle. Sebum will coat and protect your dog's hair, promoting healthy growth, improved elasticity, and lubrication that protects, nourishes, and shines. You'll be proud of your pet's healthy coat and she'll love the feel of healthy skin, a healthy hair, and a tangle-free coat. Includes FREE Flea Comb And Store-Away Bag! Order today and you'll receive a FREE Flea Comb and store-away bag. Your FREE flea comb is a dog grooming essential that you'll eventually need. It's yours today at no cost when ordering the Slicker Brush. Click "Add To Cart"

My Personal Review:
     I have to say that this is really a great set to have for your dogs.  I have two dogs in the family.  My first dag is Brownie and he is a Chihuahua/shih tzu.  Now my second dog is a Black Lab/German Shepherd.  Now they are two completely different size, coatings and skin.  So I had tried a variety of brushes and combs and some worked alright and some just forget it.  

My dogs and I love this brush and comb set.  It goes right through their hair with ease.  It takes out all the loose, shredding hair that they might have.  It is great for coming out fleas. The comb is very fine and will pick them right up.  The other best part is that you get a pouch bag to put them all in.  This is great so they won't get separated and lost.  Great for taking on trips and vacations when you travel with your dog.  I also use it on my cats and it makes their hair so fluffy.  The brush is better for Cat and I love how their hair look right after.

So grab your dogs this awesome set
right HERE.

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