Thursday, May 26, 2016

15 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE.........................DAY 2!

Well as my day 2 challenge is to write about a pro and cons list of anything I would like.  This post is going to be about the pros and cons of high school sports.  We all know that this is a huge thing to all high school children.  I am hoping that this will help somehow in the future for all the children that are into sports.  I personally have 6 children and 5 of them are boys, so I have alot of opinions about children and sports.

Sports are positive activities not only it keep you fit, but as well as keeping your brain challenge. Below, are my opinion of the pros and cons of sports.


  • It gives you the opportunity to interact and socialize with other people
  • Sports keep children busy, keeping them out of trouble, away from TV, video games, it exerts their anger, feelings, and other emotions.
  • It gives you a healthy competitiveness drive, boosts self-confident, increase self-esteem, self-motivation, discipline, personal responsibility, lessons on winning and losing.
  • Build comradely and teamwork skills by learning how to trust and rely on others for your success
  • There are colleges and universities that offer scholarships for athletes.
  • Help reduce the feelings of sadness and depression.
  • Reduce childhood obesity and sedentary in teens.


  • You are prone to injuries and some are long term injuries
  • If you are a parent and your child is involve in school or community sports. There is the stress and pressure from the schedule and the routine.
  • Sport activities may result in less time at family dinners and less time to do other things on weekends.
  • Competitive sports on children with too much focus on winning may put too much pressure and anxiety on the children.
  • Young children may have some emotional implications such as low self-esteem for not being good at playing sports or when they loss.
  • Could lead to sport enhancing drugs to better physical performance, which may lead to other long-term health risks.

Well, I hope that this list might make it a little more easier on whether or not to let your children play high school sports.  Like I said earlier I have 6 children and have had my share of tons of different things.  A few of my children did play sports and I did let them.  I had some that just didn't want to have nothing to do with sports.  So, in my house that was fine.  I never pushed anyone of them to play sports or anything. I did let them make their own decision for certain things