Monday, June 6, 2016

15-Day Blogging Challenge ................................. Day 12!

Well here I am on another blogging challenge and I am ready to write this one right up.  Now I will be giving you a review of one of my blogs that I visit and read quite a bit.

This is part of The Autumn Rain Blog

Well I want to give you a little bit about the past and why I like reading this blog every week.  I was just starting out in my blogging and I joined this group and she was one of the administrators.  I had asked so many questions because I was just starting out at that time.  She had helped me with quite a bunch of things to do with blogging.

Now the blogger for this blog is Nichole and she is the creator and author of Autumn Rain.  You really need to check it out yourself.  She covers everything from product reviews to life things.  She does have he Daily Ramblings which I love to read.  She is a Southern Girl and you will be able to tell that.  Let's see her blog has a happy tone to it even when something goes wrong.  I think I like reading the that is down to earth and personal.  You get some that really just are bad.

Now here is just a part of a post I commented on and was really great to read...........

Hey Everyone
Wowzers Ya’ll you talk about H O T -it has taken it to a new level today! I didn’t sleep very well after David left and I knew that my mom was gonna meet a girl to sale some honey to so I had told her to stop by and pick up a few things that I had for her like her canning jars and such (I had a good collection) and some of her reusable shopping bags.
She brought me half of a  watermelon and I also printed her out some coupons.  Read on....
Well I do hope you all will go and check out this awesome blog, Autumn Rain.  I hope you find it as good as I do.