Monday, June 6, 2016

15-Day Blogging Challenge.........................Day 8!

Well this one was really hard for me and I dont know why.  I went down the line for several topics to rant about and not to sound like a jerk about it. Well I relly got stuck.  I thought about a restaurant that screwed up my pizza, dialysis, my husband and public trnsportation.  Well the rant on dialysis would really make me sound like a jerk, cause I hate going and mad sometimes on having to be on dialysis.  So that wasn'e going to work.  As you read below you will know what I picked.  Sorry if it makes me sound like a jerk, I never really wrote a rant.

My Rant is on Public Transportation ...........

Well if you ever needed to use public transporation than you will completely understand this rant.  Public Transportation  is not a means of transportation for all, but we are assuming that at one point in everyone's life, their daily commute will put them on public transit. Once you have experienced public transportation for a prolonged period of time, you will realize not everyone is courteous, and some riders are rather annoying. I have taken the liberty to explain the annoying personalities and idiosyncrasies you can run into on a daily basis.

Now as I write remember I am a very nice person and can get along with mostly anyone I meet.  Now the first thing I cant stand is some people's breath.  Now let me explain not everyone would like to know if you partied the night before or what you had for breakfast.  As you know sometimes the public transportation is very full and we are pushed close to the other riders.  So carry some gum or tic-tacs.

Then there are those people that just sit there and stare at you.  That really bothers me.  I would love to tell them to take a picture it lasts longer, but nope I dont cause they just might now-a-days. I was told to stare back and they would stop.  I just never tried it yet.

As you know your on public transportation has many peope and even some are sick.  Well I know I am not trying to catch a code or worse.  There are people coughing and sneezing right next to you,  If that isn't enough you have the people that just cough and sneeze out right.  They need to cover their mouths when doing so.  I think that is just plain nasty and disrespectful.  Well actually it is just damn GROSS!

Now the next thing is the people that are all stretched out.  Come on your not in your own home, move your legs.  You got the ones that are half laying across the seats and the ones that stretch out their legs in the aisle and just makes you climb over.  I personally would love to kick their legs, but it won't end up well.

Please turn your phones on vibrate before you board the bus.  Let me tell you all that ringing and music is very annoying at 8 in the morning.  I literally got off the bus with a wicked headache.  I just don't know why people just can't be respectful of others that are next to them.  I would like to take their phones and throw them out the windows.  Plus it's not just the phone ringing it's that some people have to scream when they talk on the phone.  Come on no one wants to hear your one sided conversation.  Just have some respect, please.

Well this is just my opinions on my personal experience on riding public transportation.  So , if I missed one and would love to share.....then go right ahead.  I would lovwe to read yours.