Wednesday, June 1, 2016

*** May's Pet Guide ***

So for the month of May, I have written a few articles that go great with our pets and spring.  We all know the hotter it gets the more fleas and other bugs come out.  We have to protect our fur babies just like our children.  I will be sharing some great products and some information that I find is helpful.  So, let me get on with all the goodies for this Pet Guide.  I also would like to know any requests or information you either need or have......just let me know!

TopTops 2PCS Pet Dog Cat Brush Shower Bath Massage

Only $3.32

Now this Bath Massage is actually pretty great to use on your dogs and cats.  It is great to be able to scrub your dogs hair and skin while they are in the tub.  My small dog has dry skin and when he gets fleas it really makes his skin horrible.  I use these to stimulate that dead skin and to give all my animals a great bath.

I just wanted to give you a few more great reasons why this product is so great:

  • Adjustable: The comb fit for any size hand to use it.
  • Made of soft rubber, use for the bath. It can massage the pets, your pet will enjoy the bath/shower.
  • Shampoo pet's fur, or just to brush and remove excess hair. Just wear on your hand and easily comb the hair out of your pets.
  • Make the washing work easy and happy.

Flea Control For Dogs And Cats

Many Americans have a four-legged member of their family in their home. Most people deal with housebreaking problems, pet hair on furniture, and an occasional broken lamp because all the friendly welcomes home outweigh these minor problems. When the weather begins to get warmer, these pet owners begin to cringe with the thought of spring. It can only mean one thing; flea season and the circus of giving flea baths and dips is about to start. But in the past few years, there has been a break through in scientific technology allowing both owners and pets to rest easier. The scientific community has come up with a liquid that can be put on the pets skin that kills adult fleas. These liquids are safe for people and animals and do not wash off. But which one is the best choice? 

While only a veterinarian can choose the right product for each pet, owners can definitely look into the choices by asking their vet or by simply logging onto the internet. There are three products on the market that are currently most often advised by vets: Frontline-Topspot, Advantage, and Revolution. By examining each product's web page, one can gain more information about each product that they can use along with their veterinarians advice to find the right product. Each website is different in the way they represent their products information through audience choice, layout, presentation of information, and general style. 

Before looking at the difference between these websites, it may be helpful to know exactly what these products are. These products are meant as a flea control measure by killing the adult fleas that bite the pet. The product comes in a small ampule and is in liquid form. The liquid is applied directly to the skin of the pet between the shoulder blades. It is then absorbed into the fatty layer of the skin and into the blood system. The product cannot be washed off after application, which allows the pet to be bathed and to play in water and it does not rub off into the environment. Although meant primarily as flea control, Frontline also protects the pet from ticks and Revolution protects against tick, ear mites, and intestinal parasites. All three products have come onto the market in the last four years, with Revolution being the latest edition this spring. All three products are relatively safe and can be purchased through a veterinarian. 

Pet Shampoo, Cleans with Ease, Rapidly Rinses, Lovingly Calms, Soothes, and Conditions, Helps Remove Fleas Too!


I only have to say one thing about this product.  This product has and does it all.  My two dogs love it just as much as I do.  It has a nice smell to it and it takes the fleas away, that I love.  Here are some more information about this product:

  • Contains only organic oils and extracts, Filthy Friends removes dirt and dander, helps heal itchy skin leaving your pet soft and cuddly
  • Completely Natural, 100% Bio-Degradable, Zero chemicals, And Cruelty-Free
  • Safe, Easy and Effective Grooming
  • Made in the USA with the best ingredients blended for optimal results
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or YOUR MONEY BACK, no questions asked. Why? Jackie Doodles Pet Supplies knows you will love Filthy Friends. Buy 2 and give one to your best friend for their best friend :)

Information On Cats........

There are three types of domestic cats: indoor domestic cats, outdoor domestic cats, and indoor-outdoor domestic cats. Though these cats would look very similar if they were clean and sitting next to each other, they would also be very different. 

Indoor cats are generally very clean, since they do not have to work for their food. The excess time allows them to clean and pamper themselves on a daily basis. The fact that they are usually fed on regular intervals makes an indoor cat overweight. Thecats know that they can sleep all day and still get fed once or more times a day. Also, since the cats do not work for their food, they lose their exercise time. It makes it impossible for them to burn off any extra calories they may have gotten. 

This type of cat generally likes a lot of human contact, since humans are the ones who pamper and feed the cats. They are use to this contact, which makes them not scared of humans. For the most indoor cats, a person does not have to worry about getting a disease from them, since the cat probably is taken to the veterinarian on a regular basis. 

Outdoor cats usually are pretty scraggly looking. The fact that they have to work for all of their food causes them to get more dirty and does not allow them the time to clean themselves everyday. They are much skinnier and are in much better shape. These cats are awake all day long looking for food and avoiding the everyday obstacles of an outdoor cat. This allows them to get plenty of exercise, but not always enough food. 

Outdoor cats are not usually people friendly. They are not around humans, so that they do not depend on humans enough to be friendly with people. It is probably a good thing that these types of cats do not like a lot of human contact, since more outdoor cats unlike indoor cats have not had their shots. This does not insure that they are free from diseases, so a person does not know if this cat has a disease or not. 
An indoor-outdoor cat is a combination of the previous two types of cats. These cats are also generally clean looking cats that are semi-dependent on humans for their food. These cats have to look for food, but they are also are given food by humans. These cats are generally in good shape and they are also in better health. They get plenty of exercise but they also get some of the luxuries of the indoor cat. 

These cats are also people friendly. Since they are semi-dependent on humans, they in return are used to them and are not scared of them. These cats are sometimes even temporarily housed by humans from time to time to further emphasize their dependency on humans. A person can usually count on a cat like this to have some of their shots and be free of diseases. 

As I have observed these cats over the years, I have noticed many of these differences and similarities of these different types of cats. This allows a person to see how similar these cats can be. I must say, my favorite would have to be the overweight and lovable indoor cat. Since these cats are so friendly and they are sure to be free from diseases. 

KONG Cat Cozie Kickeroo Catnip Toy

This is a huge hit in my house.  I personally have 6 of these cute catnip toys..  I have adult cats, 8 month old ones and about 8 weeks old.  I have cats from every age and I love them all so much.  This toy is a big hit with them.  They love it and especially the adult and 8 months old they really play with them and the cat nip is a plus hit with these toys.

MEET A FEW OF MY KITTY'S............

This is " Blackie" one of the eight  moth old cats.  I know it's not right but this one is my favorite cat out of the 8 month old batch.  Now dont get me wrong I treat and love each one equally, but Blackie is the first and only one that has been curled up with my since a little kitten.

Say HI to little " Fruit Cup"
My son, Shawn named him because this is his favorite.
This is one from the 8 week old kittens.

I will share a couple of pictures each and every month of my fur babies.  I would love to see and place your fur babies in a collage in one of my future posts.  I really hope this will be a big hit and if it is I will host games, contests and giveaways.  So let's see how good the first one will be.

Information on the Pet Collage:

Send me a photo of your pet(s) in your home and of course the name and age.  You can email it  and in subject line please put: Pet Collage.  

I will create and post the pet collage in my July Pet Guide so that will be enough time for everyone to send their photos in.  So don't be shy and get those fur baby photos in.