Monday, August 8, 2016

** Purina Pro Plan Cat **


If anyone knows me they will tell you I love animals and I love them a lot.  So I want to tell you about this great connections I have with one of my cats and I do mean a connection.  Let start by telling you how we found each other, you will love this story.  I live in Florida and you know we don't get snow in the winter, but it does get down to the 30's and that is cold to us.  My friend and I were getting ready to leave one morning for shopping. We were just about to get into the car and we could hear meowing, so I started looking around for where it was coming from.  We couldn't see no cat around the car or in the neighbor's yard.  We were puzzled but still kept hearing it. So I took a chance and called the kitty.  After a few minutes this little kitty climbed out of my friend's car wheel well.  I fell in love with it the minute it popped his little head out.  I seriously think still to this day it was fate and I saved his life.  Of course, the little guy was scared but I picked it up and brought him home.  I wrapped a little blanket around him and gave him some water and food.  He just stood there looking up at me then he started to eat.

Now after all that I named him Sammie and of course I kept him.Sammie is a Siamese cat and he is gorgeous.  He was the perfect little kitty and really grew attached to me pretty quickly.  My husband tried to pick him up or pet him and Sammie just ran away.  I could sit in the living room and yell "Sammie, Sam" and he comes running.  It really is amazing.  We grew this awesome connection and he is always here by my side.  I am in kidney failure and I go to dialysis twice a week and every day I come home he is sitting by the door waiting for me.  So it really just wasn't me helping him in the beginning he has been helping me too.   Sammie makes me smile, feel love and keeps me going.   My Sammie and I are still going strong together and side by side.  Sammie is my inspiration and completeness.


So with all that being said I wanted to find Sammie the best food that is made.  I had tried several different wet brands of cat food and either Sammie didn't like the taste or it just didn't have the nutrients that I wanted Sammie to have in his diet.  That is when I found Purina Pro Plan Cat food and he loves it just as much as I do.  As you might already know Purina Pro Plan cat food contains real poultry and fish in all of their wet and dry cat food.  There are over 20 different flavorful wet entrees that your cat will love.

Sammie Relaxing in my chair!
Now for the last part of this post I want to add that besides my Sammie I do have 12 other cats in whom I love them all very much.  I know it seems like a lot of cats and deep down I know it is, but I tried to rehome but just can't let them go.  I do want to share one more thing that I use all the time is the great coupons from Purina Pro Plan cat.  You are able to go to their website, which is at Purina Pro Plan Cat and print out the coupon that you buy 5 cans and get 1 free and you are able to print as many times as you like.  Also on their website you  can get some awesome tricks and tips for your cat.