Thursday, November 3, 2016

Teasia Floral Variety Tea

This review is 100% my own.
I was given samples to try and review.


Teasia Tea is a line of all-natural teas made from the highest quality ingredients from around the world. We believe tea is best enjoyed in its purest state so you will never find any artificial additives or chemicals in our teas. Along with our commitment to social responsibility and the well-being of others, our company strives for purity, integrity, and authenticity in all our teas. Our goal is to create a healthy alternative beverage with no sugar that people can enjoy guilt-free. We also hope to expand the art of drinking tea by providing the best tasting teas in the most convenient form.
At Teasia we believe in using top quality products and 100% natural ingredients to create healthy and great tasting teas. Our strong background and experience in the Taiwanese tea marked has ensured that we source only the highest quality teas. The tea leaves used for our Formosa series teas come from some of the best tea plantations in Taiwan, owned by farmers we have developed trusted relationships with. During tea selection, we taste, re-taste, and taste again, to finalize that only those teas with rich and unique flavors are selected.
Want to try a variety of our Teasia teas without having to buy entire boxes of each flavor? Try our Variety Pack and discover your favorite! Each box includes our 4 flavors from our Floral series: Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Black Tea, Chamomile Mint Tea, and Rooibos Lemongrass Tea.
I have been a tea drinker since my 20's.  Of course when I started drinking tea it was just the Lipton's tea bags.  Every night before bed I would curl up in my bed, sip my tea and read a book.  It became a routine that even to this day I still have my cup of tea before bed.  Some of the other routine changed, like for instance, with my tea I might watch one of my favorite t.v. shows or do my blogging, like now.
Over the years as the different teas came out I always tried to try them all.  Now some were good, but some just YUCK!  I was very lucky to be able to try these flavors of Teasia teas.  I have to say a few of the flavors I wasn't quite sure about them, but I did try them all.  As you know each has their own flavor and are able to taste the difference.  I ended up liking each one of them, so I was wrong just basing it on the flavor without trying it.  Don't we all do that though?
My favorite flavor out of this variety box is the  Chamomile Mint Tea.  The reason is because the aroma of the peppermint is just so relaxing.  With each sip you get this peppermint warmth that goes right through you.  This one relaxes me and it just seems like it takes the stress right out of me.
My other favorite is the Jasmine Green Tea.  This flavor of tea  is a perfect combination of light flavors and sweet aromas, making it the perfect everyday tea.  This tea is actually perfect for any time of the day.
The other two flavors that come in this variety pack are: Rose Black Tea and Rooiblos Lemongrass Tea.  Now just because they are not my top favorites don't mean I don't like them. I do like the flavors of them.  They do have their own unique flavoring. I actually had made the Rooiblos Lemongrass Tea when my best friend came over and she loved the flavor of the tea.  She never had tried these before and she actually went home with a few flavors.

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Are you a tea drinker?
Do these spark your attention?
What is your favorite kind?