Monday, December 5, 2016

Poseidon Children’s Sonic LED Toothbrush

** I receive this product for free in return for my honest opinion of it. This review post is in my own words also.**

The Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids

As a parent, you must know that getting your child to brush their teeth when you want them to is sometimes a problem.  I know it was for me when mine were all young.  I tried everything but it was such a huge hassle.  I got this for my granddaughter and she loves it.  She was starting to moan when my son would tell her to go brush your teeth.  This has helped!

The Poseidon Children’s Sonic toothbrush features a brush head that lights up with a rainbow of bright LED colors during the 2-minute brushing cycle that will make brushing fun! High-quality DuPont bristles and 16,000 pulses per minute will help keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy. Battery included!

Product Description:

  • High-Quality Soft DuPont Bristles
  • Small yet powerful – 16,000 Pulses Per Minute
  • Colorful LED Lights – As you use the toothbrush, the colors change
  • 2 Minute Auto-Timer
  • Battery included!

This is the best for your child!

Let me know what you think.

This is the perfect gift to put in those Christmas stockings.