Monday, December 5, 2016


** I received both of these products for free in return for my honest opinion of them. This post is also in my own words.**

I have, to be honest with you that this is my first ever grinder set I have ever owned.  Yes, that is the truth.  I know lots of people that have them and I have used their's but never owned my own.

The Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is very nice looking, lightweight and great little carrying stand.  You are able to carry the set from stove to table with no hassle, the clear glass makes it visible to see which one is which and the grinder top is very easy to use and has no hassle to grind up the whole pepper or salt.

You are able to have fresh ground salt & pepper in just seconds.  This would make the perfect gift to chef's, families that have a Sunday dinner and just for show.  My husband loves his fresh ground pepper so it is actually getting lots of use in my house.

Grab this Grinder set right HERE!

 What are you waiting for?


If you are like me and love to cook then this is the knife for you.  I already have lots of different knives, but I was looking for that special one that would do everything with ease.  What I mean is that I need a knife for dicing, slicing, mincing, chopping and cutting.  Yo are probably saying "Good Luck" and I did too.

This knife is designed to be thin and lightweight for ease of use, yet durable and sharp enough to perform its functions effectively. I personally can say that this knife glides right through the vegetables and slices up really nice.  This knife is 8 inches in length and is the common size that is preferred by all professionals.

The blade is very attractive and quite an attention getter. Best of all is that the blade backs up its looks with serious high-end performance. I have tried other high-end kitchen knives and this one from Kape not only looks nicer, is significantly less expensive, but it also performs to the same level.

This would make the perfect gift for the culinary student, the chef or for the one person that prepares the meals in their home.  I know I would have loved to receive this as a gift.  I do about 99.9% of the cooking in my house and I needed a new knife that does everything.

Are you a Chef?

Do you love to cook?

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