Monday, May 30, 2016

15 DAY BLOGGING CHALLENGE ............................. ................ DAY 6!

Well here I am on Day 6 and like I said before I am learning as I go along with this challenge.  So this is about creating a post with curated content.

Awesome Pet Products & More

This is one of my cats
" Blackie "

I picked this title because one aspect of my blog is about animals and pet products and so much more, so I wanted this post to go that way.  I love animals and I know most of my readers and visitors either have animals or just loves them.  I personally have quite a few cats and dogs and they are just like my children.  I spoil them very much and the unconditional love they show me is really great.  I try to find the best treats, toys and bedding for them.  Now I have gathered 5 great articles that I thought would be perfect for this post.

Now the next thing I want to mention is that my blog does have a Monthly Pet Guide and you need to check out February's Pet Guide that I have created and I am working with some awesome pet companies.  I also write up my own articles on what I think would be a good fit for that month.

Now for my first blog post I would like to introduce you to is written by Dr. V a veterinarian at Pawcurious.  As we know certain foods are not good for your pets, but she writes up a great post on what flowers at Easter are no good for animals.  I really hope you go and read this post.

Now for the second blog post I would like to share with you is written by Sharon Dargay, staff writer over at Hometown Life.  She really has a well-informed post about a little bit of everything.  Susan is a store owner and she evens tells about some workshops that is held there.  I just think it is quite interesting and hope you do to.

Let's see this third blog post I found to be pretty great is written by Dr.  Rex Riggs on Embrace Pet Insurance Site.  Dr. Riggs has wrote a pretty great post about Spring Skin Hassles for pets.  You know just like me that our pets can have skin problems just like we do.  He really gives some great information in this post.  This is really a must to read.
Fun Stuff For Dogs and she what she has posted.

Now for the fourth post I would like to add is from That Pet Blog and the article about proper 
interaction between kids and dogs.  I think this is really important if you have children and are planning on getting that pet dog.  You really should read this post from the author of That Pet Blog.  You really can leave alot and it is very important to know about it before that trip to the dog store.

Now we are on my fifth and last post I want to share with you.  This blog that I am going to introduce you to is a pet product blog.  The author of Fun Stuff For Dogs really took alot of time to post some pretty great reviews.  I really liked the first product she has posted.  If you are looking for a product but just don't know what then just go by, Fun Stuff For Dogs and she what she has posted.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and my five suggested websites for you to check out.  The most important part just make sure you come back to my blog monthly to find out what new products I have received and what articles I thought was a good idea to write up for all of you.